Pam Schonauer
Office Manager & Scheduler

Pam Schonauer

Pam Schonauer

Master of Art in Ministry and Culture (expected 2021), Associates in American Sign Language

When Pam began working for SLRS in 2008, she had little experience with Deaf Culture or the Deaf Community. Under the guidance and tutelage of Stephanie Nichols, other interpreters and countless patient Deaf people, Pam was able to earn an Associate’s Degree in Sign Language. Pam has gained a deep appreciation and understanding of the special needs of the Deaf Community. She enjoys educating companies about the need for providing interpreting services for the Deaf, as well as educating the Deaf Community about asserting their rights for services and empowering them to practice self-advocacy. In her personal time she is Veriditas trained facilitator of the Labyrinth.


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SLRS is committed to providing quality services, making communication easy and efficient. We have extensive experience in the following areas: medical, mental health, K-12 & post-secondary (§70.13.15 compliant), legal and courtroom (§63.2407 compliant), conventions & conferences, business meetings & events, ceremonies, and entertainment events and can make any event accessible in American Sign Language, anywhere in Oklahoma.

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