Kerie Ljunghammar
Freelance Interpreter

Kerie Ljunghammar QA 4/5, BEI

Independent Contract Interpreter

Bachelor’s in American Sign Language Interpreting

Kerie and her family are native to Washington State.  In 1997, she graduated from American Sign Language Interpreter School under the instruction of Theresa Smith.  She spent several years volunteering with the Deaf and Deaf Blind communities and worked for a local school as an educational interpreter. Kerie volunteered her time as an interpreter at her church for many years. Her family relocated to Oklahoma in 2015 where she enrolled in OSU-OKC’s interpreter training program. She passed the QAST in April of 2018 with a 2/3 and in 2019 obtained QAST 4/4. In 2019, she earned an associate degree in American Sign Language and an associate degree in American Sign Language Interpreting.  Kerie has worked as an educational interpreter and as interim Scheduler

and full-time staff interpreter for SLRS. She is a co-owner of Open Flame Coffee Co & Roastery where a monthly Deaf Chat is hosted.