Stephanie Nichols
CEO & owner

Stephanie Nichols QA 5/5, CI, CT

Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Sign Language Interpreting

Stephanie became a professional interpreter in 1992. Formerly married to a Deaf man, she has seen the joys and struggles of the Deaf community. She is the CEO & owner of SLRS and is a member of NAD, OAD, RID and OKRID. She was appointed to serve on the 2013-2015 NAD/RID Reputable Agency Task Force, serves on the OSU-OKC Interpreter Training Program Advisory Committee, served as an Oklahoma QAST evaluator, is the founder & moderator of Oklahoma Interpreters (O-Terps). She has served on the OKRID board of directors as President, Vice President, and Member-at-Large. She was the co-chair of the OKRID 2013 Statewide Conference, Co-Chair of the Oklahoma Legal Interpreters for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Committee. Her public speaking & prepared workshops include Professional Discussion Presenter 2015 RID National Conference, Keynote at 2005 OKRID statewide conference, presenter at the 2004 RID Region IV Conference, and teaches on topics such as: Americans with Disabilities Act & Section 504 of the Rehab Act, business practices of interpreting, ethics, and RID Code of Professional Conduct: Ethics in the workplace.

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