“Interpreter of the Year” & “Congeniality” awards- nominations open

SLRS is awarding our annual awards, “Interpreter of the Year” and “Congeniality” which will be presented to a deserving SLRS interpreter (contractor or staff). Please submit your nominations (private message me) for who you think is deserving of these awards and why by November 10th. Once nominations are in, YOU will vote for who you feel is most deserving.

Last year’s 2014 recipients were Ben Davis, “Interpreter of the Year” and Kati Walker “Congeniality.”

“Congeniality Award”. This is an interpreter who is pleasing in nature to work with, always uplifting and kind spirited.
“Interpreter of the Year” represents an interpreter who is dedicated to the profession, who has made signification contributions to the profession of interpreting by being ethical, professional, an advocate, and someone who goes above and beyond in the Deaf and interpreting communities.