Janice Woods
Freelance Interpreter

Janice Woods BA, QA V/V, CI, CT, CCI

Independent Contract Interpreter

Bachelor of Arts degree in Counseling, minor in Interpreting

Since graduating in 1995 with a bachelor’s degree in counseling: Services to the Deaf with a minor in Interpreting, Janice has worked in a variety of settings and capacities. As a native user of sign language Janice started off her interpreting career working in the community as a private practice interpreter and has continued to keep that work going while also working for various universities, Sorenson Video Relay, teaching as an adjunct instructor, mentoring, and teaching workshops. Janice has served as President of Oklahoma Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf for two different terms as well as sat on advisory groups for OSU/OKC’s Interpreting Degree Program and Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation’s QAST program. Janice’s passion is the legal setting; however, she loves that interpreting affords her the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of people and settings. As of August 2020, Janice is a full-time lecturer at Oklahoma State University – Stillwater.