Last minute requests can sometimes go unfilled. What can the Deaf community do to help?

Sometimes companies call SLRS last minute to order services. During our peak times (mid-January through mid-May, and again mid-August – mid-November) often interpreters are booked and unavailable. Sometimes companies will wait until the last minute (we know there are times it’s unavoidable) knowing we won’t have anyone available (so they don’t have to pay for it… and YES we’ve actually had companies TELL us this!). Sometimes companies call last minute, and then tell the Deaf person “SLRS doesn’t have anyone,” when they could have ordered more in advance and had services.

What can you do to help?

  • When you make an appointment, ask the receptionist to call THAT day for the future appointment. Explain that interpreters book up during peak seasons and they need to call ahead (ideally 2 weeks).
  • Provide SLRS with your email address When we confirm a company’s order we will send you a copy which includes the interpreter’s name. By providing us your contact information, we can tell you when the order was placed.
  • Call our office and make sure an order has been placed, a week or two ahead is ideal.
  • Educate. Explain how services work, what peak times are, and that calling ahead is crucial.